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Mon, Nov 30, 2020 10:00 AM

Re: forgot my gateway password

I am having a similar issue with the same modem XB6 or TG3482, whatever it is, its junk.


I hard reset it cause i couldnt login to it thru, you know... so when i did the reset it asked me immediately to change the password when it booted up, i changed it to something i knew, and NOW trying to login to it, it wont let me in know matter what password i use!!  I  know doubt have to hard reset it again cause it just will not let me in.





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7 m ago

If it's consistently having to be reset, it probably needs to be exchanged for a different one. You're paying for the gateway rental, you're entitled to have one that works.

You can stop by a Comcast store to exchange it, or arrange for a swap by calling (800)XFINITY or Chat support. 

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