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Mon, Nov 15, 2021 7:28 AM

Random people connected to my network

Hi I have random people connected to my network I turned off my mobile hotspot and put forget device on there connection and now it shows them again that they’re connected to my network how do I keep them off?




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18 d ago

Have you changed the login/password on your device?  In addition, your computer may 'see' devices that are not currently on your network.  Here is an article that explains why and how to prevent it:


If you have not done so, change the password on your modem/router.  Make the password something that is not readable.  It should be random characters.  Reboot the modem after you make the changes. 

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16 d ago

Welcome to our community forum, @user_3beb5f and thank you @NoNoBadPuppy for the helpful suggestions! Were you able to prevent the unknown devices from connecting to your network by changing your password? 





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16 d ago


Do you happen to have the MoCA feature enabled on your home network / device ?



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@EG using the admin tool i tried disabling MoCA and it keeps turning itself back on. I never set up a subnet mask but thats on there and when i look up who is on my network it says that an etgernet cable is connected but everything i personally connected is wifi. I live alone and dont have company

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