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Fri, Jul 30, 2021 5:45 AM

Random Netgear CM1150V Slowdowns

My issue echoes an issue posted 9 months ago by SPeters93.,

I have been having the same problem between a CM1150V and 1GB service for the past year.  Internet stalls happen less often now that the coax between the tap and my home has been replaced.  I am the only person using this tap. Still happens sporadically.

An excellent xfinity tech checked everything to the modem today.  He increased downstream power (and decreased upstream power). He made 2 observations: (1) the 1150V reports the upstream power ranges from 47 dBmV to 49.3 dBmV even though the physical power is 44-45.  (2) His measure of channel 4 shows SNR varying from 25 - 35 dB.  25 is too low.  His bottom line: the modem has a hardware problem.

I'd appreciate knowing if SPeters93 problem has been resolved and the nature of the resolution.




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