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Fri, Oct 16, 2020 7:00 PM

Random Internet Outages!!!

Intermittent internet outages nearly everyday usually lasting 5-15 min. Sometimes it's even out for 4+ hrs. Today it was out from 4:30pm-7:55pm and again from 8:15pm-9:32pm. The day isn't over yet so it might go out again because Friday-Sunday's are the worse. No, there isn't a report of map outages in this area. This is a result of INTERMITTENT BAD internet service. I'm keeping record of the outages so i can accurately report it to FCC. Yes the conection, cables, and modem are good. This is an issue I've had w Comcast before and might I add WAS CORRECTED after contacting FCC. This is my way of communicating for record purposes. If this happens again I will be reporting to FCC and let them handle these issues for their own records. There's no point for an agent to contact me because I've been through the back and forth communication before too many times.


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