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Sun, Sep 20, 2020 1:00 PM

Random game and discord disconnects Help!

I play videos games and talk through discord with my friends every 10-20 minutes my internet will drop and i get disconnected from discord and my game, everything stops moving then i cant talk then follows the little error on discord which says 5k ms, We have the gigabit internet plan, i am ethernetted, i tried different ethernet cables, went through 2 chats and 2 calls, NO i am not using a comcast ethernet link hub, I disabled dmz (which worked for a week) then it came back, i got rid of my port forward, i changed back to DHCP, allowed things through the firewall, I have NOT tried turning firewall off, I have also tried restarting my router about 300 times, its getting so frustrating please help.


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