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Mon, Oct 7, 2019 6:00 PM

Random Disconnects

So I have been having trouble with my internet ever since we upgarded to the new router and faster speeds. The problem is, my computer which is hard wired in to the router is getting random disconnections from the internet. The weird thing about it is, I can be playing  a game and also be on discord with my buddies, and one of these programs will lose connection but not the other. I am losing my mind because I can not figure out what is going on and it is impossible to play games with my friends. I have contacted xfinity and they came out and put new wires outside and inside my house for the connection and that did not seem to help. I just recently had them send me a new router to see if maybe it was just a faulty router and that did not work either. Im lost and have no clue what else to do. My connection is great i get over 930 mb/s when i do the speed test on my pc and around 560 mb/s over wifi on my phone. I also did a fresh start on my computer to see if maybe it had something to do with my computer and that also did not work. any ideas?

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