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Sunday, June 4th, 2023 9:12 PM

Random disconnects on everything cable in my house

I have no idea where to post on the forum so I'll just use the internet section. This is a problem that affects everything cable in my house. What has been happening is randomly my cable will just drop for about 20 seconds at a time. The TVs will freeze, the internet will disconnect, and the phone will stop working and then after about 20 seconds it works just as normal. I've had this problem since May 11th after a we had a service outage in our area. I had a tech come out a little later on May 17th and they told me everything looked fine with my equipment and cable in my house. After that I waited two more weeks because there was a planned maintenance and I was hoping that might fix our issue but it didn't.

After the second planned maintenance I ended up going through support again and got another tech sent out on June 2nd and he ended up replacing the cable running into our house. He said that everything looked fine and if there were any problems to call support again. He also told me another tech stopped by to tell him that there had been issues on the "mainline"(that's what the tech called it) and that he also put in a request for that. Well even with the new cable running into our house we still had problems. I once again went through support and got another tech sent out a day later on the 3rd. 

He ended up replacing some of the amps in my house and a few other things. He also told me everything looked fine with the house. Once again the problem has not been fixed. Now I don't know what to do. I have had three different techs come out to my house, work on it, and all tell me it looked good before they left. At this point I'm almost positive that it isn't an issue with my house and equipment. It's been very very disruptive to have these disconnects for this long and I'm not sure what I need to do now. 

I've tried to be patient with it because something like this can't just be fixed overnight but it's been almost a month since it's started. I've had everything triple checked in my house and the only thing I can come up with is that whatever was done to fix the outage we had on the 11th is what is causing this. This is even more reinforced by the second tech that came out and told me about how someone else was called out for a bigger issue with the "mainline". 

All I want at this point is stable cable and there has been zero progress made to fix this.

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2 months ago

Xfinity is synonymous with drops. Not surprised. 



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2 months ago

Which modem? I have the same issue with a Motorola MB8611. Thing is, it wasn't troublesome until a tree broke the main trunk 1 1/2 miles from my house. :(

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