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Sat, Oct 31, 2020 11:00 AM

Question about compatible gateways

I wish to purchase my own gateway and I don't understand how there's not more than what is listed as compatible with Comcast. Seems like the only thing I need to worry about is making sure it can provide 1 Gbps speed and a coax cable can plug into it — I don't have phone service. Am I missing something or is it a bit more to it than I realize?


I think the current gateway Comcast has a cool design but it's not wifi 6, I also don't like the placement of the antenna and you're limited to the number of ethernet connections located on the back so I can't run cable to all corners of my house. Thanks in advance for the help.


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7 m ago

I do not have any Xfinity equipment.  I purchased all my own.

First: Here is the link to a full list of compatable equiptment: https://www.xfinity.com/support/devices/#auth


Second:  The Xfinity gateway is actual three devices in one:

1. A cable modem

2. A router

3.  A wireless access point


My home network uses all three devices.


The first device is a cable modem.  Most cable modems have two connecters on the back one for the cable line and another for an ethernet connection.  This is the only device that has to be an approved Xfinity device.  Also you need to make sure the modem is fast enough for your service.


The second item is a router.  This manages your home network.  This device usually comes with 5 ports on the back.  One is called and WAN port and the other LAN ports. Often the WAN port is a different color.  You run an ethernet cable from the modem to the wan port.  The LAN ports are used to to plugin your various devices such as computers.


If your router does not have enough ports, you can purchase a switch.  A switch simply put is a device that gives you more ports to plug your devices into.  You simply run a cable from the router to the switch.  Switches can have 5 ports, 8 port, 16 ports, or even more.


The third device is a wireless access point.  It is simply a device you can setup to give yourself wifi.  This device plugs into the router with an ethernet cable.


Often when you look online or at the Big box stores you see wireless routers.  A wireless router is a router and a wireless access point together in one device.   So you just have to plug the modem into the wireless router and you can have both wired and wireless from just one device.  Again if you don't have enough ports on the wireless router you can plugin a switch.


I hope this makes sense.

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