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Sun, Aug 23, 2020 2:00 PM

Profile Settings Randomly Changing

I use profiles on Xfi internet management to put parental controls and bedtimes in place fo rmy kids. Depsite continually resetting my pw and not saving the new one to Chrome, and having dual authentication set up, the parental control selection keeps turning off and the bedtime hours keep getting removed. It's happening mainly on my 17 yr olds profile, and occasionally on my 14 yr olds. Never on my 9 yr olds. The older boys have iPhones and one has his own laptop for gaming. I suspect the older kids are doing something to turn them off but I can't figure out how. The pw is not saved and requires a texted code to my phone to log in. I checked my oldest kid's browsing history and can't find anything on xfinity that he's bee to. It's either that or xfinity's controls are randomly changing themselves. Anyone have any ideas?


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