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Fri, Feb 21, 2020 2:00 AM


Prepaid internet hasnt worked since i got it

So last week i ordered the kit for prepaid internet. It did a check to see if i had service lines hooked up here. It said i was good to go. I get the kit, call to activate but no online light on the modem. So i call and they tell me i have no lines to my house outside. Strike 1. So next day, tech comes. Tells me there were absolutely lines there, but runs new ones anyways.

He comes in and has a heck of a time getting it to work. After about 30 min its up and we're good to go, so he leaves. All is good for about 2 hours and bam...internet goes out completely. The "online" light on modem is out, so i power cycle. Nothing. Strike 2.

So, i call support and tell them. First thing he says is theres no outages in my area so well troubleshoot. After 30 min of going through things i had already gone through, it seems hes getting frustrated and finally says oh wait, i see theres outages in your area (must have forgot he already told me otherwise), so when your internet starts working correctly, call back and well compensate you. UNACCEPTABLE. STRIKE 3, and i havent even had the service 48 hours. Its up and down completely and when up, can barely stream low quality youtube videos. My phones hotspot did that just fine. Should have stuck with that i guess.

So, how can i get help when your call center gives up and says "call back when it works right"? I want this fixed, now, and i want compensation for the prepaid time im losing, and i feel its warranted something extra for the troubles. Great way to start with new customers. My friends and family, and google warned me about comc....err xfinity. Should have listened i guess.

So, what can be done here?



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2 y ago

What do the modem's signal stats look like ? Try getting them here or here

Please post the *Downstream Power Level*, the *Upstream Power Level*, and the *SNR* (Signal to Noise Ratio) numbers.

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