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Sun, Sep 20, 2020 8:00 PM

Practically nonexistent speeds in the evenings - third tech coming through tomorrow

My faith in Comcast is perpetually dwindling. Ever since last Saturday night (8 days as of writing this) I've had recurring speed drops almost nightly to the tens of kilobits - wired and wireless. Naturally this makes my service unusable. The first tech on Monday replaced my modem with one of the new XB7 ones. Standard speeds over 100mbps until, again, evening rolls around. We tried a hard reboot and for the rest of the night until around 8am we couldn't even establish a connection to it, wired or wireless.

So we get another tech out. He comes Wednesday, plugs his little doohickey into the coaxial, apparently my signals too hot (which is what the first tech said too and attempted to dampen with some little adapter). So this tech replaces the line from the box to the house. Night rolls around, problem resumes. Call up tech support again and they say there's apparently a maintenance ticket put in for my area because a few others are having problems as well. Okay, at least it's not just me I guess. I asked to be notified when I should expect the maintenance to be done.

Friday, no problems that night. Odd, but I'll take it. Saturday problem's back. Not calling cause I'm assuming there's going to be maintenance soon. Tonight (Sunday), problem comes back and I call to check on the status of that maintenance ticket.

Well apparently there isn't one anymore, and the agent simply recommends another tech visit.

I know I'm not particularly experienced in the internet service providing field, but this just reeks of incompetence. Maybe it's just my ignorance on the subject but is figuring out what the eff is wrong really that difficult?

I did some cursory research on issues like this and it looks like my down/upstream power levels and SNR are outside of the standard deviations. I'm not well versed in the formatting of this but this is what I see on the admin page:

Down power levels:
Index 9 - 10.5
Index 6 - 11.6
Index 7 - 11.1
Index 8 - 10.6
Index 10 - 10.7
(There's a lot of these indexes but the full range is 8.9 to 11.6)

Modulation 256 QAM

Index 9 - 28.6
Index 6 - 29.5
Index 7 - 29.1
Index 8 - 28.8
Index 10 - 28.9
(Range is 27.7 to 29.5 with a bunch at 0.0)

Upstream PL
Index 1 - 43.8
Index 2 - 44.0
Index 3 - 44.0
Index 4 - 44.0

Like I said I'm not well versed in this, I've just seen others share these numbers when they have connection issues. Any help would be great cause if this tech that comes tomorrow can't fix the issue I'm going to have to look into switching providers.


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