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Sun, May 24, 2020 12:00 PM

Port forwarding specifying target/source ports

In port forwarding, how can you specify the target port.


For example, say I'm running a web server on a laptop that serves at port 8888, and that laptop's local IP is something like  My main question is how can I make that accessible from outside the LAN (just temporarily for a day or something).  I tried specifying a port forward to the laptop and specifying (example) port 8888, but navigating to :8888 did nothing. The port forwarding UI is quite unclear about specifying the target port.


Let's say I want to forward traffic that comes in to my router at port 9999 and forward it to that laptop at port 8888. How can this be done if at all?


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1 y ago

I don't believe there's a way to change the target port through this implementation of port forwarding.  Instead, my understanding is that you would need to go to the port triggering interface and set up the alternate port(s) there.  In your case, 8888 should have gone to your device on port 8888.  If port forwarding is working (mine isn't), that would be all you should need to do, maybe check firewall settings on your internal device to make sure it's not blocking external traffic.

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