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Mon, Oct 26, 2020 2:00 AM

Port Forwarding Broken

Hello Xfinity,

I am disappointed in you.
Your website tool for port forwarding does not work. Posts in this forum indicate it has not worked for months. I pay you for a full service Internet connection. Start providing the product I pay for, right away. I don't care to wait while you take even more time to come to terms with the bad idea that is your port forwarding solution.

My modem has the following lie within it:

Managing your home network settings is now easier than ever.Visit to set up port forwards, among many other features and settings.

I challenge you to fix the port forwarding or at least have the integrity to change this message and admit that you guys can't make something this basic function.

What are you going to do, to make up for this failure to hold up your end of our agreement?
How long do you intend to deny us basic functionality that other ISPs provide without issue?

Your application does not work. It also does not allow for rule creation using IP addresses directly. This is a design error. Even if you get the thing to work, without this basic function, you will still be failing to make things easier than ever. The old system worked, you should've left it alone. Now, please get busy re-enabling the old system ASAP. There is no excuse for not having fixed your customers' experience by this point. Fix that online app, on your own time. Give us the old one back now.


Rusty Mullin


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