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Sat, Jun 6, 2020 6:00 PM

Poor Internet Comcast Service

1. With 600 mbps comcast connectivity that I paid for  for (Arris Modem), I got 450 mbs on my laptop. 2. Yesterday I upgraded my package to 1 gig and now I am getting 350 mbps, where as it should be 700 at the least.

3. I called Comcast, they are shipping me a XB7.


Any thoughts please? Appreciate your advise.



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10 m ago

You didn’t post the present modem model, perhaps it’s not compatible with gig service? Maybe why they’re sending you one that is?



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10 m ago

Is your laptop able to run gig speeds? Maybe not poor internet Comcast service but poor equipment set up. On PC you need to take out the Ethernet port and swap it for a newer one so the speeds come thru. Not so sure on laptops if you can do it. You will need a new laptop. I work from home and my laptop gets those speeds even tho I have a gig of speed. But my Xbox and Apple TV and other devices have 800 and up speeds. Just means my laptop(which is my brothers) needs to be upgraded for faster Ethernet speeds.

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