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Thu, Jul 30, 2020 4:00 PM

PLEASE HELP!!! About 6 months of horrible Comcast WiFi

I can’t write all the details but out of nowhere the Comcast WiFi began dropping early in the year.

We had 8 total different Comcast techs come to the house. Each of the ones in the beginning were unprepared but young guys who tried to fix this.

After about a month we were I believe to a Level 2 call and a supervisor (I think) came out twice saying it could be this or that but he still didn’t fix it.

I know we tried 2 different models. I understand the basics but the technical details I do not. This isn’t my job although I have been required to help every tech who comes out.

During this time I was recovering from major back surgery and it was not the time to be on my feet (against doctors orders) doing this but it was the same routine - WiFi problem, Call Comcast, explain details, set up an appointment, tech arrives, cant fix it, leaves , restart.

I kept records and about half the techs were less than qualified or unprofessional including one who walked away when I asked him a question.

This could be a 10 page post but can’t write long on my phone. W

When the 8th tech came he told me various theories then Covid hit and it was shut down.

But did this guy ever follow up when they resumed going to houses as a professional would do? Of course not.

Today I tried a friend’s wireless router but that didn’t work.

I have reset the modem hundreds of times.

I’ve changed my iPhone plan to unlimited because this still is a problem.

Yet our bill remains paid every month about $250.

Comcast is a company I’ve used for decades. We’ve had techs out for minor issues but this was a case we needed the best tech because it called for it and I talked to enough people respectfully and always heard sympathy and shock at the problems which is nice but like everyone we want it fixed.

Comcast should reimburse us for internet charges for 6 months but what we really want is someone to fix it. Pretty please with sugar on top


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