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Fri, Jul 10, 2020 10:00 AM

Ping Troubles in Games

Ok, lets get started here. 


Ever since March of 2020 my ping, in several of the games I play tend to spike frequently. I usually get a steady 44ms in games like Apex Legends and League of Legends, but it spikes to 120-140 often. I have tried EVERYTHING. I purchased a new ethernet, upgraded my router and modem, and as a last ditch effort, upgraded my plan. NOTHING worked. It may have gotten a little better but it certainly did not solve the problem. I called customer support to no avail. I thought it was probably because everyone was home because of COVID, but once everyone went back to work, the problem was still occuring.  I am honestly done with this BS and its getting really annoying. Is comcast throttling my connection? 


Now I saw another thread where people were having the same exact problems and it seemed like nothing was solved so its not just me. Maybe its my computer? No, Ive had my computer since november and I had no connection probelms then up until march. Before march, I didnt have ping spikes at all and everything was normal. Just to be clear I am connected to ethernet and the xfinity speed test says I have "blazing fast speed" which is so beyond BS its insane. What is with these ping spikes all of a sudden? 


Is there a solution to this I am not aware of? If so, direct me to it. Thanks


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