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Wed, Sep 23, 2020 6:00 PM

Ping spikes since the fires on the west coast started

Before the fires, I was getting random 2000-4000 ping spikes on certain applications (Zoom, Heroes of the Storm) and streaming sites (Youtube, Twitch). Now, the there are more frequent small ping spikes of 200-400 in addition to the 2000-4000 ones. Really noticeable playing Heroes of the Storm and when video conferencing. I use this connection for work and I regularly run meetings, so these spikes really hurt.


Wired connection. Tried power cycling modem and router multiple times. PC, modem, and router all less than a year old {modem== (netgear CM500-100NAS), router==(Linksys EA6350)}. Xfinity says no outages in my area.


Pingplotter example taken 9/23/2020



modem details 9/23/2020 (after recent power cycle)



Modem error log



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