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Thu, Jul 22, 2021 1:35 AM

Phone issues

I work from home and have an avaya IP phone from my company.  This phone works by internet, not the phone line.  We have updated to the higher speeds and needed the highest speed compatible router.  We’ve had this before and it keeps disconnecting from the work phone.  It’s a little hard to explain, but anyone who has a similar situation hopefully will know what I mean.  I log into the phone with an extension via a VPN with my work extension.  Again this uses WiFi, not phone service.  Any ideas why the faster router is disconnecting my work phone but the older “slower” model does not? TIA!


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2 m ago

Hello, @user_0c4f33! Thank you for reaching out! We are happy to help with the internet issues. We are familiar with Avaya and VPN, so we do know how that works. Can you tell me if you have tried to connect to your modem via an Ethernet cable instead of WIFI? You would get a faster connection to support the VPN. Are you using a modem router combo or a separate modem and router? Also, what make and model is your modem? 

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