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Sun, Dec 20, 2020 8:00 PM

Paused devices, random devices?

So I recently got a new plan where instead of voice I would have tv, it’s now day maybe two after installing the X1 box and my neighbors seem to be connecting to my network? This happened once when we moved in but not again after I changed the network name and password. During that time I was able to pause the devices and after a while it would let me forget them and that was that. But this time it’s different, the devices keep connecting and connecting and I don’t understand. At first I thought maybe they were hacking my network (some devices were connected by MoCa/Coax) so I thought maybe they were messing with the coax cables outside to get service from me, but now not so much. I pause the devices forget what I can but they pop back up, and now it seems as though they are pausing my devices, this is making me think they have Comcast and somehow our connections were crossed and I’m appearing on their network and Vice versa? The only devices having trouble connecting to the network are streaming devices and game consoles. My ps4, my brother in laws ps4, our Nintendo switches, and the obvious my X1 box. I already spent the entire day going through chat agents and phone support and nothing fixed my issue. I’ve reset the gateway to factory settings and set it up like a new gateway and nothing. The ps4’s were connected via Ethernet and the switch by WiFi and now neither options will work and what got me thinking my neighbors are pausing me as I pause them is that the switch game me an error about needing permission to connect and after pressing next it opened the web browser to an xfinity page and said my device was paused and I needed to unpause it and after a few seconds it redirects back to the testing screen, shows it managed to connect, and then fails again. The ps4’s just either fail the connection test or give me an error as well. I’ve connected all devices to a different network (my hotspot) and they connected flawlessly. I don’t know what to do now and I need this network working ASAP. My brother in law has school in the morning and if it impairs him from it I’ve already decided to cancel my service and seek a new ISP. I’m hoping not to have to do that but I’ve only had Comcast about a year and my mother had them for almost 10+ and I’m already seeing similar issues that she was having with similar responses from Comcast agents.


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