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Wednesday, November 30th, 2022 4:03 AM

Packet Loss

My internet speed is good overall but I get intermittent drops/outages throughout the day/night and it appears there is quite a bit of packet loss. I suspect there is a signal loss, possibly in the cable coming from the outside box into my home. I've updated my router/modem, run the xfinity speedtest, and have rebooted all devices. When the packet loss happens I get booted from programs that I use for work as I work from home. It also seems to affect gaming on my Xbox. I would like to schedule a technician to come out and check the signal in and around my home, including the cables. 


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2 months ago

Hi @user_41d710. We can take a closer look at your internet concern. Please send us a private message with your full name and full service address.




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2 months ago


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9 days ago

Any solutions? I had packet loss a few months ago really bad for about a week...spent hours on the phone with xfinity. Eventually the issue was resolved although I was never told why. Here we are several months later and it is happening again. Had a tech guy out at my house today he coulsn find any issue or fix anything...still packet loss. He thinks it could be the cable from the box on the street that comes down to my house but that doesnt explain why it happened months ago and then started working flawlessly for the last several months. I am almost positive it is either a network issue or hardware issue outside of my home so somewhere between xfinity servers and the box on my street. Im looking into starlink internet options at this point because it is so stressful and time consuming trying to resolve this with comcast and IDK if i can put myself throufh it again.

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