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Fri, May 8, 2020 1:00 PM

Packet Loss

I have been experiencing packet loss that has made playing online games impossible.  


I've just moved into a new home (which is new construction), and I am hoping that this issue is not rlated to that.  I've tried what troubleshooting I can on my own.  Reset my modem/router,  i am on a wired connection, I've removed all cable splitters, and tried many different cables (ethernet and RG6).  


I reached out to Blizzard technical support, and they had me run some Looking Glass and WinMTR tests.  They said that I am having packet loss when just leaving the home network and at peering node  This of course, is out of their hands, and reccomended I reach out to my ISP.  

I can share logs of this test, if it would be beneficial.


Thank you for any help on this issue.  I understand we're having a time of peak internet usage; I just want to be able to enjoy my service.


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