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Sat, Apr 25, 2020 5:00 PM

Packet loss throughout the day

Our home has been having packet loss issues throughout the day.
When web browing it takes multiple attempts to get webpages and e-mails to open, when using amazon fire stick it takes multiple attemps to open videos or change menus and when gaming the game will freeze up sporadically.

Using SpeedSmart.net when everything is ok I get 30-40ms ping, 83-89Mbps download and 6-7Mbps upload. When packet issue arises ping goes over 100ms download speed fluctuates between 40-83Mbps and upload is between 5-6Mbps.

We use a Motorola SB6141 I've tried a Netgear CM600 cable modem just to see if it made a difference but had the same problems so I returned it. Our area zipcode 98374 has 36 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels available.
Here are some pictures of the cable modem status pages.





Here are pictures of a ping trace one was to a game server (desktop ethernet) the other to www.comcast.net (laptop WiFi).





Our coaxial cable goes from the outside ground block to a inside wall hookup and from the wall hookup to the cable modem there are no splitters in the line.
Sometimes throughout the day the cable modem will change downstream channels it happens when the packet loss issue is occurring sometimes it helps but most times it doesn't help.


I'd like to have a tech check the line outside our home if possible.


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1 y ago

Update on status.

I filed an FCC complaint for denial of service.

May 2nd a tech came by and replaced some connectors made no difference still had problem.

May 2nd after tech visit got a phone call that a T1 group was going to check the connections in our neighborhood.

May 5th still having the same issues but started talking to an Comcast service rep about issues.

May 9th still having same problems Comcast service rep said they were looking into the issue.

May 16th still having same problems Comcast service rep said that no issues were found.

May 23rd Upstream channels were increased from 4 available to 8 available in our area.

Our area now has 36 downstream channels and 8 upstream channels.

Since I've noticed the increase in upstream channels packet loss issues seem to have been fixed which would suggest the issue was on the upstream side.

I ran a speed test and got 28ms ping, 85Mbps download and 7Mbps upload on May 23rd at 1pm PST our service is 75Mbps down and 5Mbps up. At this time it seems all issues with our connection have been resolved but I will continue to monitor it hopefully it doesn't come back. Our area is rapidly expanding we now have 3 schools within waking distance instead of 1 along with more houses, condos and apartments.

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1 y ago

I have the same issues, there is only one variant to fix it - to change this internet provider.  They can send a technitian as usual but he will not find any issues. I guess Comcast have global issue - high utilized equipment that can't keep perfomance and nobody from them have any intention to change this situation. While I wrote this message My internet was dropped down 5 times. If they will not improove this situation by tne end of this monts I will find other provider. My patience expired for 4 years.

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