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Fri, Jun 18, 2021 9:28 AM

Packet loss, Solid downstream stats, Inconsistent upstream lock

I'm seeing ~20% packet loss on pings even at non-peak hours. I've replaced the modem (now on a Nighthawk CM2000), and tried bypassing the router. The problem persists.
The Modem's connection stats show what I think are good downstream stats. Power between 9.7 dBmV and 10.0 dBmV and snr between 42.9 and 43.5 dB across all 32 channels.
Upstream is another story though. The number of locked upstream channels seems to vary between 1 and 3, and does not stay very consistent. when channels do lock, power is near 45 dBmV

This overall connection quality makes video/voice connects intermittent and poor quality, online gaming completely impossible, and general browsing very frustrating. Any help towards diagnosing or resolving the problem would be appreciated. I can also post modem connection stats/ping logs if appropriate.





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1 m ago

Please post the power level figures, the SNR figures, and the error log entries in their entirety.


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1 m ago

Hello @user_5bfd8d, following up on your connecitvity issues, are you still experiencing this? If so, are you able to provide the information our Expert @EG requested? Please let us know if you have tried any additional steps. 

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