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Mon, Jun 27, 2022 4:00 PM

Packet Loss = Poor Audio (zip code 85742)


In the past few months we have been experiencing packet loss ranging from 1 to 5%. Tech visited and everything checks out on our end... I understand this could be an issue with Xfinity updating the local network. When will this update be completed and hopefully everything will return to hunky-dory afterwards? 

Earlier in the year there were NO issues, very clear audio at ALL times. We miss this! 




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1 m ago

packet losses of 1 to 5 percent are manageable by most hardware available today.  Also, packet loss will not result in poor audio; if the packet loss is severe enough to interfere with audio, then you would have intermittent outages.  I would suggest that you probably have other issues going on that are causing your problems. 

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1 m ago

Hello @user_1d3542 I apologize for the packet loss and audio issues that you've encountered, even after the tech visit confirmed everything checks out on your end, this is not the experience that we would like for you to have, so my team would like to review the signals in your area to see if there are any tickets surrounding the main hub in your area.


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