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Wed, May 20, 2020 7:00 PM

Outrageous unstable ping spikes

I've been having outrageously unstable ping spikes for about the last 6 months. I live in Vancouver, WA in a brand new neighborhood so you'd think the cable wiring into my house is not the issue. I've talked to xfinity support more times than I can count and every time they end up telling me my connection is perfectly fine and that maybe I should try portforwarding as if I don't already have the correct ports open as I'm an avid competitive gamer.


My games are unplayable especially Valorant and Warzone where a millisecond is the difference between life and death. I exchanged my old modem for a brand new modem because they said my old modem couldn't handle the speeds I was paying for (up to 500mbps download). Then they told me to plug my modem directly into the outlet and not a powerstrip because it will get a performance boost and the agent said they didn't care if it got surged because they'd just replace it for free.


I'll admit there will be periods of a couple of hours where everything will be fine (early morning to early afternoon) the ping spikes will calm down and I'll be able to play a couple of games but outside of those times no game is playable. And it just seems like xfinity does not care because no matter who I talk to they don't seem to understand the issue or know what ping is. 


I just want to talk to someone who will acknowledge that there is a problem, knows the effects that an unstable ping can have on gaming and can help guide me to a solution instead of offering to just restart my modem for me. Is that too much to ask for? Maybe I should look into switching to Century Link because it sounds like they are bringing Fiber into my area very soon.


I'm attaching a quick ping plotter test I ran for about a minute tonight after a game of Valorant ended with terrible ping. For as much as I'm paying for internet this should NEVER happen let alone be happening for the last 6 MONTHS!!!Outrageous Ping.png


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1 y ago

Running into the same issue. Only games from Riot Games have had these issues. Any kind of help would be appreciated as this is making me want to switch ISPs so I have a smooth gaming experience.

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