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Fri, May 22, 2020 7:00 PM

only my wifi service is blocking Bladehq randomly out of nowhere

for some reason bladehq is now not loading only on my home wifi, if i turn it off, the site works just fine, but when turned on it no longer loads, just gives me a blank white screen and the search bad says not secure. And its only my home wifi, it works fine when connected to friends xfinity wifi or just using my cell data. not just one device, but all cellphones ipads and laptops do the exact same thing. im getting ready to just cancel xfinity all together and never come back. between the site being blocked, and the dismal internet speeds even know i am paying for the gigabit internet it still is super slow and i never seem to get a straight answer or help on either of these issues.





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1 y ago

Perhaps posting the output of a traceroute to the site may reveal a clue.

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