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Sunday, July 12th, 2020 10:00 PM


Only 233 Mbps on 1000Mbps connection. [Solved: NAT Router too slow]

I spent a lot of time trying to work this out last Fall/Winter with their phone support and the circles basically wore me down.  After several sceduled outages earlier this year I finally tested again.  No improvement so I figured I'd try here.


I have a Netgear CM1000.  Posted results are running through router and switch with CAT-6.  Previous tests with direct connection to modem had similar results.  All cable from junction exterior to the house in was newly installed and is all CAT-6.  The modem feeder line is quality coax run directly from exterior junction to the modem.


Results were done abit after 1am to minimize other usage traffic in the are.


---- Update ---

Turns out the upgrades/maintance did actually do the trick.  After that was resolved the choke poit became my router.  I have a TL-R600VPN.  Turns out while the ports are gigabit the WAN -> LAN throughput is not good enough.

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