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Sun, Mar 29, 2020 2:00 PM

Not getting the advertised speed of 600 Mbps. Is this right ?

I upgraded to supposed get "up to 600 mbps".  I get spurts of 420, with the final results in the 350s.


Is this normal ?  Shouldn't we get what WAS ADVERTISED ?


I've been to get support - and the automated options keep resetting my modelm and gateway.  And then it drops you - whether using chat or phone call.


BTW, I'm using NETGEAR CM500V Cable Modem and was speedtesting with WIRED to it !  The product supposedlly can do up to 680 Mbps.



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1 y ago
Per the Comcast website it’s not rated for your service, it doesn’t matter what the manufacturer rates it. What Comcast approves it for is what counts.

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