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Sat, Aug 15, 2020 8:00 AM

"No internet, secured"


I just switched from AT&T that I didn't have any problems c onnecting all of my devices (PC, MacBook, tablets, phones, TVs, etc).


Last week I intsalled the shipped equipment, and managed to conect most of my devices on the home Wi-Fi, however for nothing I can get to connect my PC and Windows laptop to the network.


The problem is even bigger when I try to conect, the whole conection drops , and all other devices got disconect from the xFi Gateway. Then , I need to do some hard rebooting to get them back at least, those devices online.


Anybody else has had this kind of problem and have it figured it out?




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8 m ago

Having same issue, phone support wasn't able to help at all (reset modem, clear your browser cache, etc).  Because I can access the websites in the 'support script' they signed off on the issue- even though I cannot use an app or website that asks windows if it is connected instead of trying a net connection.


(Sorry for not having a solution, but adding my voice that this issue is happening to others- with no solutions being provided).

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7 m ago

I also am having this same problem.


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7 m ago

It appears that this issue is happening all over.  I am in Western Ma. area internet keeps dropping out as well as phone service something is serious wrong.  TV service has also been very bad over the last 5 days.  Time to make a call to the State Dept of Telecommunications , as comcast support did not do anything.  Made if enough calls go to them something will get done.


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