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Tue, Oct 6, 2020 11:00 PM

No internet or tv nearly 2 months!

About 2 months ago I was watching Disney+ on my tv, suddenly it froze. Next it said I had no WiFi. My test speed showed nearly nothing. But the app said everything was running well. Nothing worked from then in My house. Comcast became impossible to talk to. I went to a store they gave me another router. Wouldn’t work. After weeks I eventually got an appointment for someone to come. They didn’t show up. Eventually got a new appointment. He tightened some cables and told me to try a new phone. Now app says I have %116 speed, but still nothing (at all!) seems to work. Even if I test my speed from my phone to router, it says it’s getting 500m. But still acts like it’s getting little. I have to turn WiFi off to use my phone to get online or watch something. And since my tv box won’t give picture I must use my phone. Also, when I upgraded my account I was supposed to get a second tv box(wireless) and was given and appointment for the next week. Well, the morning of my internet went out from a black out, and I made the mistake of calling it in. So when the time of my appointment came a dude shows up and says he is only there to fix the net(and didn’t bTw). I said “no you are here to drop off new equipment. It’s not like I predicted a black out last week” but he just kept mumbling in a manner I couldn’t understand about how they use wireless now. I said I knew that but I was supposed to get a 2nd one. He eventually left and told me Comcast would eventually fix the problem from the blackout and kept ignoring my logic on the box. I let it go because I was busy but kept trying to tell Comcast I never got it. It showed as unused in my network for a long time. Then I went in and they told me my account on has one. So they freaking removed it even though I have the membership that comes with the the 2nd box and phone number and the fastest net offered. I really don’t know why Comcast is hitting me so hard. I actually liked them before this. But so far I’ve been ripped off beyond belief. I pay over $300 a month for no tv, no internet, no phone, and equipment I don’t have. And whenever I try to get help, they don’t do anything but tell me “tough luck. We got your money and we’re still taking your money. Because we have a contract that only you must honor”. If I hadn’t used Comcast prior to this, I would be convinced it is a scam and cruel company. And my lack of internet cost me a lot of money(as I need it to make my livelihood). But I’m just a normal person, and don’t seem to matter.


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