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Sun, Nov 8, 2020 7:00 AM

New xb7 wifi 6 modem

I can not seem to find any updated threads past May on this issue so ...
Just upgraded to 1GB/45mb plan and got the new wifi6 XB7 .
My problem is the wifi signal EVEN with Gen1 pods (3 of them) in the house I’m getting a weaker signal then with XB6. The 3rd pod is about 50 feet from the XB7 and it will not , Stay connect to the pod and when it does the speed test results is about 35mbs , when I had the XB6 I got 55-60mbs .
Now what is suspicious is back in April I bought a ASUS wifi6 router and no pods in that same room I got really bad wifi speeds too so I sent it back.
I did open a bunch of ports for the kids Xbox’s and cell phones ect .Any ideas?


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