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Fri, Sep 25, 2020 8:00 AM

New XB7 can fly the space shuttle but cannot keep my smart home together!!

How can something so advanced act like it cannot see any of my smart home devices on a daily basis????


I recently upgraded from the outstanding X1 dark grey router which I have had for a while now, And it worked! all my smart home devices connected to it easily and operated daily with no issue.

Now that I upgraded I had to take a college class on computer software engineering just to get my devices to connect in a way that I can see them on my Google Home app! (Come on Xfinity) First of all the Auto-switching modes is not com[atable with most smart home devices I have so I had to turn that off (About three days worth of research for that) on the XFI "Easy to use" website. Once I did that and changed my 5ghz mode to n, ac all my devices appeared like magic (it's not really magic though is it?) and I thought I was done and figured it out, So I celebrated like I just won the Nobel peace prize, about three hours I was asking google to play some music, only to hear her tell me "hold on while I get connected to the internet", Wait, I thought they were connected, went to the XFI Website and, would you look at that! they are all not connected??? 


Can one of your rocket scientist engineers please give me a solution, I'm about to put this thing in the microwave and perform a hard reset. I have thousands of dollars in smart home devices that nag me daily with " I cant seem to find the internet" or my favorite " I would answer you if I was connected to the internet" 


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