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Mon, Aug 3, 2020 2:00 PM

new faster internet :(

last week we "upgraded" to 1000 mbps internet- since then our speed is virtually nil and we have no home wi-fi- we have called and texted with at least 10 agents- they all put us on hold to get help and never come back- supervisors "not available"- we wonder if they forgot to send us a new modem? any suggestions? any way to talk to someone with a brain who cares?


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9 m ago

I also "upgraded" to 1000 Mbps.   They sent me a new modem and I got it hooked up and working.    But no 1000 Mbps service.   LOL  I called a trouble ticket in last week but need to follow up.  


Not sure what equipment you have but I would asume you probably needed a new modem.   Maybe try to find the model number on your unit and do an internet search to see what it supports.



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