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Sat, Apr 23, 2022 4:55 PM

New Coaxial Outlet Install

I currently have my Xfinity gateway plugged into a coaxial connection in the living room and I want to move it to a different room that does not have a coaxial outlet, so I would need to have a splitter installed outside at the cable source on the side of the house and cable run to the other room with a new outlet installed.'

I had heard that Xfinity technicians do not do wall fishing, but would they be able to run the new cable along the outside of the house (stucco wall) and then drill into the stucco to feed the cable from outside to inside the house and install a new outlet?


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Hello. Thank you for reaching out for help with installing a new wall outlet. As someone who enjoys service in all rooms, I can understand the need to have this done. You have reached the right team for help with all your Xfintiy needs. 


You are correct, we do not "wall fish", but we can look into running a splitter, or what it will take to install a new outlet. To begin, at your leisure send me a Private Message 

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@XfinityBrandon​ Thank you!  I was able to chat with Support and get this resolved with an appointment with a technician.

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