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Tue, Jun 23, 2020 10:00 PM

Network Troubleshooting... Speed and quality of connection

Situation:  I have been experiencing some very inconsistent and slow internet speeds.  Drops multiple times throughout the day, or slows down to less than 1mbs down and then shoots back over 40mbs, in waves.  I decided that I should probably upgrade from the 75mbs speed to gigabit, since I'm working from home now, and bought a brand new MB8600 modem, a netgear ac1900 router, and upgraded to 1000mbs speed.  However, the connection is as unstable as ever, still fluctuating down below 1mbs throughout the day and back up over 140mbs now... still nowhere near the gigabit speed.  

I have connected directly to the modem, to test my down speed and it shows ~300mbs on xfinity's speed test... still nowhere near 1000mbs.


I do not believe there is any issue with the modem or the router, but I'm at a loss on what to do next.  I have no idea how the cable is run into the home, I'm thinking there is an issue there, but getting a hold of a human being on comcast tech support is next to impossible. I call the number, get the machine response that tells me to reboot - sends a reboot signal (changes nothing). I call again, thinking, ok, now I might be able to get to a tech... "you have to reboot again" -machine sends the signal (changes nothing)... I'm incredibly frustrated by this entire automated system because it leaves no way to actually reach someone, just keeps sending me to the same exact step 1 everytime I call.


Anyways, without knowing what else to do - I figured I post a message here... is there anyway to actually get in contact with xfinity comcast tech support? Any ideas for some other things I should try? I switched out the ethernet cables as well, no change. 





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