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Mon, Nov 2, 2020 7:00 PM

Network Speed Went from 500MB/s to 21MB/s, Won't Return to Normal Speed

I signed up for Comcast September 15 and had speeds up to 1GB until October 21, when my entire network slowed to 21-24MB/s.  Now, everything downloads at that speed and has beend doing so for days.  It's taking 51 minutes to download an iOS update right now, for example.  What is going on with my network connection, could you please unthrottle it if it is throttled?  I need some answers, will call tomorrow.



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7 m ago

Wow this is my exact same scenario. Signed up probably the 16th had like 947 mbps hard wired and getting 500 with my netgear orbi. I have a netgear cm1100. Then all of a sudden now getting 20-30mbps

Two technicians came change the heads of the wires and some small minor things.

I live in a town home where all the houses basically have wiring run underneath so I don’t know how they would even run a new wire for me or if they even could. This is so frustrating

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