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Sun, Oct 25, 2020 7:00 PM

Netgear modem with the incorrect firmware (Netgear CM1000v2). How can I get help from Xfinity?


My Netgear CM1000v2 has the wrong formware version, as per Netgear. It should be V6.01.06, but it has 7.01.01 

Hoe can I get it fixed?


I contacted Xfinity support, but said they don't configure user owned modems, which, as per Netgear and this forums, is not correct, as the firmware is deployed by the ISP


How can I get help? A technitian is supposed to come tomorrow Monday 10/26, but I am concerned he doesn't find an issue on the cable, as the issue seems to be with the firmware.

The modem also shows some inconsitencies, as per Netgear. Here is Netgears advice 

'Alright. So both of the channels n your Modem has some discrepancies like there is One 'unlocked channel' on downstream whereas 5 are locked under Upstream, which should either be this way, all locked or half locked'

'Your Modem's current firmware should be : V6.01.06'

'Please inform the ISP that as per Netgear, the current firmware version of the router should be V6.01.06, however, the firmware Netgear noted on your modem is V7.01.01. And, these are the major factors that are affecting your modem's speed'

I'd appreciate any help


Thanks, and regards



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