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Tue, Dec 8, 2020 4:00 PM

NetGear Genie C6300 firmware is currently at V1.02.21

Our home router connected to Comcast is currently running firmware version V1.02.21.  The service is working, except for occasional outages to the Comcast WAN - the wireless and conected ethernet ports are working during these internet disconnections.  We can ping the internal services - but can't ping during the outages until the router/modem is rebooted.  One site states that the firmware is out of date and possibly the issue.  As noted on the NetGear site and various Comcast forums, the firmware is updated by Comcast.




in looking at the logs, there is an error that shows multiple times

SW Download INIT - via config file d11_m_c6300

SW Upgrade failed before Download - server not present 


Some troubleshooting sites state the issue may be the firmware version.


Your help desk states that this is an automatic process ,it will update automatically, and nothing can be done.  Is there a way to determine what the issue is and can the firmware update be kicked off or a log looked at to determine what the issue is?  


We are at a stalemate - it is an automated process - it doesnt update - it is an automated process and we are at the same firmware level.


Thanks for looking at this and hopefully this can be addressed.


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