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Wed, Nov 4, 2020 7:00 PM

Net gear CM 1200 issues

Upgraded to the 1 GB speed a year ago with Motorola SB8200 And google mesh setup. Never got above 700 mb/s wired (or wireless).

Over the last 6 months speeds wouldn’t get above 50 mb/s. It was almost like it was throttled. Google was acting weird so i blamed it. Bought new eero pro 6 units. Still the same 50 mb/s.

So beyond frustrated i bought a net gear cm1200. Registered it with Comcast through their app. And i was getting 18 mb/s.

Called got a human and they pushed a upgrade / firmware for the modem.

Now i either get 100 MB/s for a fraction of a second before it drops to 7mb/s or it runs at 20 mb/s. Ironically the upload speed is 40 mb/s.

I’m out of ideas and have spend a small fortune in upgeades / speed i never got.



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