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Mon, Oct 5, 2020 2:00 PM

Neighborhood connectivity issues

A few days ago, I noticed poor performance, excessive buffering...etc. I checked my network and everything looked fine. Modem connectivity looked fine (signals good..etc.).  Only issue I could see was ping timeouts and just overall random packet loss. I replaced my modem just in case and had it reprovisioned. Same issue. Then our neighborhood facebook group blew up with comcast service issues. It appears there is severe packet loss upstream of me.


I have been in touch with "support" a few times and they continue to insist on reprovisioning my modem every time and say it is a required step before they can even proceed with getting a tech. They don't appear to have any escalation path to someone who can speak on a technical level about the symptoms and the fact that about 30 homes in our neighborhood are having the same issue.


What is the trick to getting to someone who is technical and can come out and look externally instead of continuing to blame my equipment?


I can post status output from my SB6190 however I have already verified power, SnR...etc are within spec. I would be much more willing to wait for a tech if this was just me and if this wasn't affecting multiple people who work from home.





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7 m ago

Please read my story:


I'm about 4 days ahead of you with support. Our whole block is out right now.


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