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Sat, May 16, 2020 5:00 PM

Need help with constant random disconnections

Hi, for a couple of months i have been having trouble with my connection. This is how is looking over a 24h period right now. It is pretty random, so, some days are better than others.


After some troubleshooting, i have noticed that my upstream power is normally in the acceptable ranges (35-49), but sometimes one or two channels would suddenly spike 7+ dBmV,  to come down after a couple of seconds, that's when the disconnections normally occur.


Working properly:

Lost connection:

Different modem (SB6183):


I also get many warning and critical errors in the event log:


I try things like getting a new modem (CM1000), removing all splinters from the line (currently not using any), and using an external coax cable. So far looks like it gets worse when it is peak time.


That is pretty much my problem, any help or info is highly appreciated. It is hard staying at home with the internet acting like this.


Thanks very much for reading.


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