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Sat, Aug 22, 2020 11:00 AM

Need help connecting my home computer

I want to connect my home computer desk top and it won't let me.





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9 m ago

Got more details ? Is this via WiFi. Name your equipment.

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1 m ago

I use openssh to connect to my home computer.  In my desktop at home, I have mapped the ssh port from the standard port (22) to one of the higher ports (say 6750).  Then from my laptop, when I am away from home, I use the command ssh to talk from my laptop to my home PC desktop.  ( is the IP address that Xfin has assigned to my router) (not really, any numbers I show are not the actual numbers I use, except for the ssh standard port)  I use a static (internal) IP address or for the desktop ssh server.  When the router receives a message for port 6750, I have instructed it to forward it to in the local network.  Using this base, I can mount directories from home on my laptop through an ssh based virtual private network.  Plus if my laptop falls into the wrong hands (like the North Koreans), my files are still safe back at home.  The ssh program will encrypt all communication between the two computers across all portions of the network and internet.

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