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Wed, Mar 25, 2020 11:00 AM

Need faster upload speed

I need faster upload speed to upload video files. Right now I'm only getting 6Mbps. I would like faster than 50 Mbps. But looking at the list of speed packages it looks like the only way for me to get this speed is to go with another ISP, is that right?



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1 y ago

40 mbps is the max, with Gigabit internet service

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1 y ago

Same issue here!  I want a faster upload speed.  II had the 100mb/s package was seeing 5mg/s (exactly what they promise) so I thought, "Well, let's spend $10 a month more and go to the 200mb/s package which advertises 10mb/s upload.  I spend *hours* today getting through and finally getting my service upgraded.  Well, I've unplugged the modem several times, waited the suggested 2 hours for the service to "ramp up" and I AM in fact seeing 200mb/s DOWNLOAD but am STILL SEEING 5mb/s UPLOAD!!    😞

I absolutely didn't care about more download speed....just a bit more upload but I'm not seeing that AT ALL.   I have no reason to pay the extra if the upload isn't going to cut it.  Any suggestions? 

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