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Thu, Jan 7, 2021 9:00 AM

Nashville - internet speeds / dropping

I am in Nashville and having recurrent internet "quality" issues.  I have tried repeatedly to reach out to Comcast tech chat but have not been able to get to someone who could diagnose or resolve the issue.  Attempts to reach chat this morning have failed.

The problems are intermitten connections and repeated brief outages.  I have had problems like this in the past.  All of the prior problems were determined to be cable problems from house to street or cable problems on Comcast network before reaching our street "hub".  Comcast has replaced cables from street to house 2-3 times and I believe replaced the street "hub" at least once.  The problem - over 26 years, has never been cabling in the house itself or our equipment. 

Since we have not had substantial rain, its not clear what the problem is unless its either problems on the network structure outside of our home or perhaps Comcast's network cannot provide bandwidth as promised.

Is anyone having similar problems?

Is there a Comcast tech employee who can or will address this on the forum?


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