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Fri, Sep 4, 2020 3:00 AM

My Internet has been unusable for over a week and I can't get someone to call me back.

I'm paying for up to 200mbps, and for over a week my speeds have been reading 6mbps peak times, and 20mbps non-peak. The bot tried to reset my modem then hang up on me 15 times before I had to basically repeat the phrase "I want to speak to a person now!" over and over. When I was able to get a tech on the phone we tried about 5 things, and the tech said that my ticket would require an in home technical visit. I said "Ok let's schedule it.". He said that "due to the pandemic Comcast is trying to reduce the number of in home visits."... I said "Uh ok. So what are you telling me?". He said that I "Can might expect a call to schedule a visit, but due to the pandemic we are really trying to reduce the number of in home visits.". I said "Sooo I might expect a call? Am I going to get a call or not?". He said "You can probably expect a call to schedule, but again sir we are trying to limit the number of in home visits due to the pandemic." I asked when I can expect the call, because my wife teaches from home via ZOOM and I need this fixed ASAP. He said "probably in the next few days or so?" I said "Ooookay... thanks.". I still haven't recieved a call, and I cannot seem to get ahold of anyone to inquire about it (even to chat online). This is unacceptable. If social distancing is the goal, I'd imagine it's not working, because now I'm going to be going to an Xfinity location to stand in line, and speak to someone in person. It SEEMS that Comcast is using Covid as an excuse not to service their customers, but I might be wrong. How should I proceed to get this fixed before I cancel my service? Thank you.





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I am not a Comcast Employee.
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