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Sat, Oct 3, 2020 7:00 AM

My Admin Network ("admin tool") Keeps Getting Renamed So My Password Does Not Work

Every time I sign into my admin tool it renames the network to someone else's name. I do a hard factory reset using the reset button on the modem and I change my wifi network name and password, and I sign into admin tool using the default password, and then I change the admin tool password. But then when I sign back in again, it says "Incorrect Password" because thinks I'm trying to sign into an admin tool for a network that is NOT my network. It thinks I want to sign into a network called Moeblessings, which is another wifi user in my building, NOT me. This is the 7th time it has happened. I am so sick of Xfinity. I have spoken with 12 different agents and they all tell me the same thing and NOTHING helps. This is the second modem I have gotten from them and it keeps having the same problems. They say they're sending out a third modem today. I can almost guarantee that the same problem will persist. Why can nobody fix this?


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