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Saturday, January 28th, 2023 10:14 PM

my account says I should have 800/100 but I get only 25 upload with xFi Complete (XB7)


​I recently discovered that my xfinity speed was bumped up to 800/100, according to my web account. After numerous attempts for speedtest, I found that my upload speed is still at 20-25mbps even with the xFi complete service, which I have already. ​

​I tried with chat support to troubleshoot by gateway, reprovisioning my gateway, everything but no luck yet.​

​My address shows that it is capable of having 2 Gbps service, meaning that the mid split upgrade is done for my neighborhood.​

​I'm using XB7 gateway in a bridge mode to get my wifi router to handle the network at home, but I don't think this would affect the upload speed being capped at 20-25mbps.​

​Any idea I can get the max upload speed that I'm supposed to get?​

​I'm in the NW suburb of Chicago metropolitan area.​


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2 months ago

Hi there @hccaus!

There's an awesome and in-depth article on our Next Generation Internet our subreddit, created by the moderator there, @XfinityBrie, which has tons of good information! You can find all of our supported platforms here if you're interested: Contact Us. I would definitely recommend bookmarking it :)

If you are currently using a separate router, it's possible it does not have the ability support the mid-split change (even though the XB7 does). It would also depend right now on whether you are subscribed to xFi Complete. The teams working on the Next Generation Internet are working on getting customer equipment added eventually though! There is no timeline for that as of yet, but we know it's important :)

The significant boost in upstream speeds is due to a dramatically new "mid-split" access network upgrade that is being gradually deployed in the Comcast network. Mid-split is a change to the spectrum map in the DOCSIS network, where we shift the split between upstream and downstream bandwidth by moving this split up higher in the spectrum. That shift allocates more spectrum capacity to the upstream, which means dramatically more upstream bandwidth for users.

Cable modems need to be able have the features to access the greater mid-split upstream bandwidth, and not all cable modems have that ability right now. A modem will need to at least support DOCSIS 3.1 – it won’t work with older DOCSIS 3.0 modems. In addition, the modem needs to support mid-split and that is not yet supported in retail modems. As this upgrade rolls out to more of our network in 2023, we anticipate that these retail modem manufacturers will add mid-split to their modems and once they do so, customers should then have retail device options available.


As it stands right now, only customers subscribed to xFi Complete Advanced Gateway (XB7 or XB8) receive the higher upload speeds. Customers using an XB6* will only be able to achieve speeds up to 100Mbps upload.

*Not applicable in the Northeast Division. Current xFi Complete customers who rent an XB3 will need to swap equipment to an xFi Advanced Gateway (XB6 or higher) to be eligible.




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2 months ago

Comcast going to lie to u it sad no one brought a class suit against them for making people pay higher for speeds they want but they still don't get the speeds or upload they want and comcast tells them to upgrade more or that it too many on network or it your fault and not there's. Sadly comcast will never let u get the speeds u pay for upload or download and they say to pay more to get those speeds like over 100. u want to go with FBER

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