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Wed, Feb 5, 2020 4:00 PM

Multiple Random 10-15 second Housewide Internet Drops daily

Hello, so I have had a tech come out and run a new line from the pole to the house going through my attic to my Asus CM-32 cable modem at the back side of my house, from that point I run ethernet cables back Up through the attic  to our various devices. Through out the day I will get as the subject line implies,  multiple seemingly random 10-15 second housewide internet drops daily . For a guy that plays video games a LOT, this obviously drops me from any match i'm playing, ruining the experience for me, friends, internet randoms and completely invalidates having the internet at my own home. Watching tv it isn't as annoying. It will just pause for 10-15 seconds and then continue on. This problem can be very infuriating at times. A tech recently came out to look everything over, he didn't see any problems and thought it might've been a outdoor connector used on the coax cable running to the mdoem, isntead of a indoor one. he replaced it and it has not fixed the problem .


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2 y ago

Same issue here. Never had the problem when I had my own router and modem but with the Comcast router modem combo I have the same issues

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