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Tue, Nov 2, 2021 9:50 PM

Multiple duplicate devices

I have multiple devices that are duplicated. And I also have multiple devices that have multiple IPV6 connections. 

I have unknown devices connected and I am currently on my laptop that is not showing up as connected. My phone

has a name I set up and it isn't showing up, but an unknown device with the wrong iphone software and no name shows up

as not connected but it has my phone's ip. 

In my logs I have about 18 pages of port mapping on and off... remote host connecting on...pages and pages

of attacks blocks and successful. 

Nearby devices are not connecting to my pod. and I get notifications that a random device is trying to connect to

my TV. I'm the only one who connects to the TV and I didn't even have my phone in my hand. 

In the past I had my router taken over and whoever did it, would change the router information (10..0.0.1) password.

Tech support couldn't even reset it. I'm so completely tired of dealing with this. I've had people out here to test my

lines and the connection and they never find anything. But I see the remote connections both on the router and my computer.


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1 m ago

Hello @Trixie_2021! Thank you for your post. We definitely want to take a look at your equipment to see what is going on. Please, use the Direct Messaging icon in the upper-right and then compose a new message to "Xfinity Support" with your name and address. Thank you!

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