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Moved from 1GB service to 800mbps due to cost increase and now can only get 400mbps

Spent 2 hours with 2 Comcast reps today.  Since downgrading to a slower plan (800mbps) 2 weeks ago I am only seeing 400mbps.  The Comcast system is telling the reps to tell me the Netgear CM1200 I have been using flawlessly with the 1gb service (saw faster than that) won't give me 800mbps without a new boot file.  BUT......Comcast can't do the configuration over their connection and they want me to find the file and install!!  My son, a software engineer was on the line told them that makes no sense but it they insist send me the file.  How is it they can provision the modem for 1gb but can't do it for 800mbps afterwards.  Rep said she tried to send the "boot file" but couldn't due to "technical difficulties". Does not speak well for a technology company.  Asked for supervisor and was told I would get a call in 30 - 60 minutes later.  Nothing but crickets.

Can anyone share any solution to this problem.  Very frustrated.

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7 months ago

I have a similar issue, but not quite the same.  I upgraded from 800 mb/s (where I was actually getting a little over 900 mb/s) to a 1.2gb/s service.  I installed the equipment without issue. I did see the expected change in upload speeds (200 up from 100 mb/s) but initially the download speed was still around 900 mb/s.  As of today, the next morning, I don't get more that 400 mb/s with this new modem.  Spent forever with a chat engineer who insisted an update they were running would take 30 mins.  Now, many hours later I am still getting half the speed I had the day before after 'upgrading'.  

Not happy at the moment!

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7 months ago

Hi there, @user_db18ts Thank you so much for your patience. I do apologize for the inconvience, regarding getting your modem the correct bootfile. Please be assured, you reached the right place for assistance. Have you been able to get the correct bootfile provisioned on your modem?-Richard

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